AtoZ Translation Co., Ltd. (referred to as "AtoZ") is a professional translation company incorporated in Shenzhen in accordance with the Laws of China and authorized by Market Supervision Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, organization code of which is 597757312, offering mutual translation between English and Chinese in subjects of financial, legal, commercial and technical.
  • Financial Subject

    Annual/Interim Reports, Announcements, Prospectuses/Offering Circulars, Fund Manager Reports, Analyst Reports, Market Commentaries, Investment Presentations and Specifications for Financial Instruments

  • Legal Subject

    Memorandum and articles of association, contracts and agreements, court hearing transcripts, arbitration submissions, testimonies and notarisation papers

  • Commercial Subject

    Company Correspondence, Board Minutes and Agenda, Staff Manuals and Training Materials, Promotional Materials and Newsletters, Brochures, Public Relation Materials and Website Contents

  • Technical Subject

    User Manuals, Service Instructions, Technical Specifications, Valuation Reports and Other Technical Documentations

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